Are you familiar with that experience where a certain occurrence takes place, registers in your mind and leaves you never the same again? Well, I am!

The tragic lynching of Captain (then, but now Major) Maxwell Adam Mahama at Denkyira Oboasi in the Central region on Monday 29th May, 2017 is one of such occurrences. As a person who has the vexatious habit of rehearsing for the worse of the worst in life (in my mind), I must confess that I have never rehearsed for such a callous exercise of human carelessness.

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Death is something that seldom moves me. Because, I rehearse several times over. I wake up each morning telling myself that it’s a new day and a great day ahead. Before this day ends; Some will be born. Someone will die. Someone will be happy. Someone will be sad. I could be or know that someone.

Believe it or not, I have rehearsed several versions of lynching incidents including of my good self. Yes! but never have I for once imagined that a Soldier in the republic of Ghana would be lynched, much more in the foolhardy manner it was done.

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The reason this got to me was particularly because of my relationship and experience with the army. The army is the one place I have never desired to be. If you have met my big mouth, you would probably understand why. Several of my peers (roommates, childhood friends and close family relations) have been and still are in the army. I have great respect for the uniform and even great respect for the men (and women) in them.

By this association with the army and the men (and women) who serve there, I have been exposed to certain details pertaining to the recruitment, retention and motivation of these men (and women) in uniform. Some of these revelations make the other things we see in action films/movies make sense. The army and the things done there by the men (and women) in uniform is serious business. Yes!

As the days go by, several versions of the truth surrounding the memory of (one we all wished we were spared of) the incidents that took place on that morning of May 29, 2017 would keep unfolding. No matter how long and however windy, the TRUTH shall stand in recognizable plain white clothing when it so decides. That is the beauty of TRUTH.

As I reflect on all of this development, several considerations run through my mind. Especially on this day that our dear Major Maxwell Adam Mahama is finally laid to rest. Having already established my opinion about death, you can imagine that funerals wouldn’t particularly hold meaning for me – especially the kind that is held in every Ghanaian community. Don’t get me wrong. Funerals in Ghana are a big deal as they ought to be. Just that for us ‘aliens’, it has never been top priority.

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Deep reflection led me to ask the following questions:

If I were a Captain in the army and happened to have suffered the impious action of the people of Denkyira-Oboasi like the late Major Mahama did, would the aftermath have followed the exact same sequence as it did in the case of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama? What if we took out Captain and replaced it with Doctor, Reverend/Pastor, Lawyer, Chief, Teacher, or ‘Boss’?

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What would have changed in the present circumstance if the late Major Mahama were not related to the former President, H.E. John Mahama? Would the pace and intensity of the events in the aftermath have suffered any deficit assuming the late Hero Mahama were not born to the class of family that he belonged to?

Did the fact that he was fair in complexion and good looking affect the sequence of events and reactions in the aftermath of the cruelty visited upon him? What if he were not married and particularly to Barbara? Okay, assuming he were even married and to Barbara, what if they did not have those two adorable little angels who have now been deprived of paternal parenting?

Consider for a moment what implications would have been brought to bear if Major Mahama did not have a degree? And even if he did have one, that it was not from The University of Ghana. But wait, even if he had a degree and from University of Ghana, what if it were not in Political Science and he hadn’t been taught by the likes of Prof. Ransford Gyampo? Oh! And there is the Master’s Degree in waiting from Leicester University. What about that?

I can only imagine the sequence of outpouring if the late Major Mahama were not a lover of pets (dogs)? If we changed the tennis and golf he played to volleyball and soccer, what difference would it have made? As a great lover of water, what if he didn’t know how to swim? The late Major Mahama from what I gather may have been an extrovert but certainly wasn’t an introvert. So, I ask, what if he were an introvert?

LAST AND THE MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL (as a marketer, I ought to ask), WHAT IF MAJOR MAHAMA DID NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT? An Instagram account? Granted that he had social media accounts, what if he did post content periodically?

The point I am driving home, People, is this; IN EVERYTHING, SEEK RELEVANCE! Simple as that! Seek relevance in your everyday choices. Be they friendship, connections, relationships, cloths, food, worship, career, entertainment, hobbies, spouses, drinks, habits and even inadequacies and, everything else. Seek relevance. Relevance! Relevance!! Relevance!!!

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As we mourn with the family of the late Major, let us spare a minute of silence in memory of the many others around the world who have suffered similar needless deaths and, whose names and faces cannot be remembered even by their own family members.



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